Login To Walmart Associates Electronics Pay Card Account

Walmart is providing best services and benefits to their associates and recently they have launched an amazing program which is known as “Electronic Pay with MasterCard” . This is most comprehensive program that will reduce the paper check work and easy transformation of pays to the workers account.

The associates of Walmart and Sam’s club can now facilitate their paystubs and checks via electronic pay system that is more systematic and convenient to deliver pays to workers at proper time. As this program is giving benefits to both associates that’s why this program will be including the distribution Money Network MasterCard Pay card.

Company has developed online website for all associates who are pay card holders to manage their card services easily. The online account system will allow every associate to manage their card by login into their personal account. Here are some features that every cardholder can access to get this online account service

Secure Accounts From Unauthorized Access:

First Data Corporation is managing money network and referring its all privacy statement for this card management service. They will keep your all personal data that is necessary to get online personal account to manage your card here will be secure. They will keep record of your login session and IP address to keep tracking your activity on your site. The will use your personal data for some reasons.

  • To get your unique identification
  • They will provide your information which your requested
  • If you will request them to get complete transaction record then authorized department will provide you

Check Your Balance:

Create your online card account to check your card balance anytime. This service is available for free to get update about you remaining card balance. You can set email or text alerts for receiving update about your remaining balance.

Refill your Card By Direct Deposit:

You can refund your card by direct deposit or loading cash into your account for everyday purchases. You can easily load your card by using your bank account to transfer money anytime in a day.

How To Login Into Account?

If you are walmart or sam’s club associates then you are permissible to access your pay card account. You have to just follow the simple instructions to access your card account to manage card services.

  • Access this link Here to Access Walmart Pay Card
  • On the page see at the right hand side of the page a login window that allowing every user to put UserID and password and press the button “Login” to access your account.
  • If you are first time trying to get into your account then you need to get registered here by click on the link “first times users: Register Now”.
  • For account activation enter your card number of 16 digits from your card.
  • Enter the expiration date and click on the button “Enter”.
  • After that you have to continue with further steps by proving some personal and contact details.
  • You need have to provide them full address, phone number, zip code and your email address.
  • Complete this process and after finishing your registration process your will be able to access your card account to use your pay card to pay your expenses

Download Mobile App For Managing Account:

Now every bank customers like to have mobile banking due to its convenience and reliability. Associates can handle their card accounts by downloading app into their mobile phone by following procedure.