How Associate Can Transfer To Another Walmart Store

Usually transfers take place in reaction of any reason, requirement, and ability or worker request. There two type of transfers that take place in any organization like executing and evaluating. Any HR department of the company takes transfer action under some goals or requirements. In any company transfer can be two dimensional as horizontal or vertical. Horizontal transfer means one department to another department or one store to another store.

Vertical Transfer means promotion or demotion. Well Walmart associates have also rights to request their administration for transfer for their own reasons. Good companies can only build up strong relationship with their associates by giving value to the need of the employee. If some employee has traveling problem by working at far store then on finding nearby store s/he can make request to transfer. Sometimes there are some dissatisfaction between store keeper and workers, so company is letting every worker to move on the next location to their stores.

Employee or associates find sometimes necessary to move on from the current working place to another. Employee has all rights to quit their jobs but if they want to continue at the same company but not comfortable to work on the current location of the company then s/he can move to the suitable place. Walmart is keeping all need into the mind and allowing them comfortable working place that not effect on their performance. Knowing the transferring process is necessary for all willing employee to avoid odd things in their ways.

How To Transfer From One Store To Another?

If you as an associate want to move from your current working place then you should know the following transferring process to accomplish your goal.

Pin Point Your Location: why you want to move? What made me dissatisfy to leave this place? All other reasons that made your mind to transfer to another place is not necessary to discuss with the manager or store keeper. Just focus on the place where you can to go by leaving this place. Find below the following procedure to locate your desire working store.

Type Request Form: You need to type a one page letter to mark all reasons for transferring. Just not only type your reasons and note that you want to move on but you also need to mention all skills that you learned here at this store. How to did you find yourself now after working with the walmart team and the administration here? If there is any record or certificate from the administration for your working performance appreciation then do attach this too with your application. While typing your reasons don’t explore your personal reason openly as “you are divorced and need to move another location”.

Schedule A Meeting: Next contact to the HR department to related person to fix your meeting with your manager. On meeting day be prepare for explaining well about your transferring reason. Submit your transfer request letter to the manager or store keeper and then tell him or her main points for moving here. After questioning answers, do ask him or her for how many time will be taken to give him response.

Follow Up Timeline: After having meeting with the manager follow up the timeline that given by him to complete the process. Manger will read your application and after accepting will send it to the store where you want to join. After getting response from the store, the manager of the other store will let your manager for the vacancy or post availability that match to you. Keep in mind that may the store where you are applying is paying less to its workers.

New Place: After completing transferring process manager will give your transfer letter to join your new store easily.

How To Locate New Store?

If you are looking for a new store location for a job then click on this link

  • On accessing this page enter your desire city and zip code into the search bar.
  • After that you will see the blue points at the e-map to click on the desire location.
  • As you will click on the blue sign you can easily get phone number, address information here.

Get the easy and flexible way to transfer on your new location by following above method.